Saturday, August 25, 2012

Linkwheel history

Top Notch

Top Notch

In an ideal world, SEO would never exist, everyone will just needed to update and manage their site and whoever gets the most quality content get the ranks.

But not in this world, which is pretty much fucked up.
Suit yourself which one you think compatible.
Note : Linkwheel were never design for adult content and unchangeable content, it was meant for PPC sites ( Amazon / eBay / Adsense / etc ), which can be applied sometimes to static & adult contents, but won't be a perfect linkwheel.
Cause of many high authority sites / Web 2.0 / Edu / Gov / you name it, won't allow that.
And it'll get deleted pretty much soon after you submitted, which will only causing you to build links over and over, like a repeating love song fooling you when you're falling in love.

But of course, if you can imagine further, you can just think of a diversity, which is built your own PPC sites, and from that sites you output the power directly to whatever money site you wanted. Happy ending.
( Which would be called your own Private High PR Network on SEO terms. )
And the reason why most of high pr network services now won't provide their network lists,
Is that it can be abused and destroyed, but that's their own problem, who fucking care about that.

Second note : Take a look around after Google Penguin update, most of static content has a blog on their sites now, which is to avoid Penguin slapfucking the site, from that blog, the contents is linked to their primary site.
Example : www.age**.com, blog site : blog.age**.com ( article contents outputting to main )

Picture taken from : Many various sites, If they were the publishers...
Well what else, maybe learn Angela and Paul Backlinks style could help your resources on SEO.

But don't believe in any of my words, i'm just an idealist. Peace out, poof !

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