Thursday, August 9, 2012

Damn SEO

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
Search Engine Results Page ( SERPS ) / ( Keywords / Niche )

Of course...let me start explaining.
Every owner of a money website want their site at most top page on a search engines.
But we all do know, at this moment, Google search engine is 80% of what people use to find their interests.

So then, of course all owner of a money site want their website on top Google SERPS.
Question is, how ?
Answer is, SEO, yes but maximum potential of SEO ?

From here on this is all i can explain from what i know.

  • First Method
Forum Profile, Blog comments spam directly to your money site.
Yes it does boost your SERPS in a fast way, like a highway.
But, downside of this first method is, not every Forum and Blog site live forever.
When they closed, your backlinks got deindexed, and then, Google dance your site according to how many backlinks you had left from what you spammed.

  • Second Method
Promote your sites across all network, such as Social Bookmarking, Twitter, Facebook, and RSS Website.
On previous Google update, named as Google Panda, the algorithms of Google define your SERPS is based on how many popularity your site has on a Social Network sites.
And the algorithms is still active as of until now, but the percentages affected on SERPS is now reduced, because of a second Google update named as Google Penguin.

  • Third Method
Web 2.0 Profile and Post.
Example of Web 2.0 sites is,,, Blogger, Wikipedia, TypePad, and etc.
Problem is, not all that sites is free to register, and even you did, doesn't mean backlink from your Web 2.0 Profile and Post will be count as high quality.
Why ? As i mention before, Backlinks quality is judges from Domain PR, Domain Url PR.
Which is basicly, if you just spammed it today, you won't get much credits, because your Profile and Post on Web 2.0 sites is 0.
But there is a way to optimize that, which is put a backlink to your Profile and Post, will explain it later.

  • Ultimate Method
To be honest there's actually much more method, i'm just tired of typing.

Linkwheel is the answer.

( Money site - Web 2.0 - Tiered Forum profile & Blog comment spam)
(      |                   |                                 |                                             )
(Dummy Blog with 100% unique content / article and 0 Outbound ( If possible )

+ All of that method boosts with Second Method Bulk Spam.

Explanation is a little bit raw here, but if you really get into SEO, you'll get it.

Also don't forget to read my previous posts regarding Onpage SEO.
This is Offpage SEO.

When your brain connects, you'll understand what i meant.

But this is just based on my logic and only half proven.
I didn't state this post as absolute correct method for SERPS and everything.

That's all for today, now Fuck off.

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