Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dedicated for friends

Tom Cruise, Mumbai.
I lit up their December nights like the Fourth Of July,
Vanilla Sky.

Thrilla, In Manila.
Knocking 'em out like Pacquiao.

No Ali,
No Frazier,
But for now it's off to Malaysia, haha.

Two Passports, Three cities,
Two Countries, One day.
Now that's Worldwide,
If you think it's a game, Let's play.

I am they thought i'd never become,
I believed and became it, now i'm here to claim it.
I hustle anything, you name it, name it.

I went from eviction to food stamps,
to baggin' work, wet & damp.
To a passport, flooded with stamps,
Now it's Voli everywhere i land.

Everytime i looked into your eyes,
I feel like i could stare in them for a lifetime.
We can get started for life.

Don't start what you can't finish.
You know it feels right.

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