Monday, August 6, 2012


Backlinks quality = Domain PR + Domain Url PR + Outbounds link Domain
Domain PR = Total backlinks to your site ? Yes, but how many percent affected ?Visitor ? NO.

Take a good look at that, 21 days, just in time Google update PR.
With only 608 visits, it jumped to PR 3, domain is

More logic ?
Facebook, how many Outbounds + advertise ? every page of a member, is an outbound.
How many users in Facebook ? How many advertising ?
I can't count it, can you ? But why Facebook PR is 9/10 ?
From backlinks ? As i said, yes, but, how many percent affect on PR ?

Truth ?
You are still an idiot if you think PR = Total backlinks.
In a real world, SEO is the meaning of marketing, a rumor spreader to around the world.
For all people to know your website, and then from that, you got yourself a good position in SERPS.

BUT, yes, there is a butt in your ass.
Imagine, if your shop door is on back alley(Onpage Settings), and the products you are selling is from a reseller(Outbound links).

Will your PR(On a real life meaning, it's your shop quality) raise ? Do you know PR = Boosts SERPS ?
Answer is NO.

On my logic, Onpage is 80% of everything, have you ever heard Facebook has a flaw ?
Ever heard it got hack ? Any miscalculate coding on the web ? NO.
That is the main reason, Facebook is PR 9/10.
Whatever Outbounds they gave, whatever shit they do.
Onpage is everything, content, coding source flaw, easy to crawl by google or not.
How large is the cache of every page, Are they interlinking on every page.

SEO is just a small parts to SERPS, but everyone always thought SEO is everything.

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  1. Earlier had no idea what backlinks were about. I never thought it played such an important role in ranking of a business website. I am glad to have found this informative post online and I am also planning to go for seo campaign to more know about all of this. This knowledge is going to help me shoot up my business ethically in the market.