Sunday, July 24, 2011


Loving you , not just for your beauty
You made me see forever...
And then i understood myself , The days that are coming
I will appreciate them properly

Love is always unfair
You blame me for everything i did for this ends to happened
But there's a missing part...
My all from your decisions ...
You choose to drift me away unconsciously

All the feelings you had for me slowly washed away
Trust ... Believe ... Happiness ... Worthy ... and then Love
You told me , that we need to separate for this mess is too complicated
And every each of us needs to grown up
I asked myself , is Love about growing up ?
I thought Love was simple , to be with someone who you hold dearest
No matter how many waves smashing it.

You said , Love is eternal , no matter how long we've been separated
As long as we don't choose to stop loving,it will be there
At some parts ... it's true , but we ain't living in a perfect world ...
Your faces , your smiles , your touch , is slowly erasing in my mind
How do i love someone i can't remember and didn't have any affection to my life anymore ?
If this is Love , why are we both unhappy ?

Love comes suddenly for some people , but it can fade with time
But the only sure thing Love can't hold on itself
If you don't want to protect it,how can we continue ?

If we really do get back together again
Do we still a lover ? Or just because of an each other dependance ?
Or we will become a perfect housemates ?
I'm so afraid losing you ... and if that time comes ...
I wanted to say sorry for not holding you
Because the only thing i want right now is only seeing you smile again ...

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