Friday, July 15, 2011

Welcome to Unknown Age

You never knew who is loving you.
You never knew who you truly love in your heart.
You never knew...there are many things in the world that are things you do not know...

You don't know why I left you
I insist on not telling you and let your tears run
I clearly know in my heart
that you do not know why I am so cruel
why i didn't explain it to you
There are many things that are things you do not know

Stop letting those repeating love songs make a fool of you
And love has never taught me how to survive
it only taught me to trade for vanity and give away innocence
but love has made us become strangers

don't kiss me, just embrace me
don't love me,just be family to me
lend me your hand one minute a day
be the closest family to me

I will always love you...because that's the only thing keeping me alive until now

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