Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dear... How are you ?

It's been a while now since we've separated...
I can finally move on without you...but this world ain't the same for me...
Kinda miss your smile right now...
To be honest , i'm so lonely without your brain is slowly erasing all your images...

Can you move on too ? Do you forgot about me ?
Do you think of me even for a minute ? Or you found someone else ?
Did i made you cry too much ? did i hurt you that bad ?
Is this what we really wanted deep inside our hearts ?

You used to always forgave me...
You used to love me for whatever i am
You used to tell me before sleep, that this world is just about us
You used to say "I love you" ,'s been 2 years since you told me that

I wonder what happens to our promises,our vows,and our future
Is it merely a words for describing love ?
Or is it just a seasoning like a food ? when it's all gone,it's gone.

Deep in my heart...i always wait for become what you were before
The woman that i fell in love with,the woman that i promised to live forever with
But you never came anymore...Just like a past,it's passed.
I keep wondering,why ? Then maybe i got the answer,maybe your view about us changed
You didn't see it from Love,you judge it from other side.

A little piece of me hoping that you would come back to me someday...
But all i can do right now is just praying,that you will get the type of happiness you wanted
I admit , it's hard to let go of you...but like everyone says, Love doesn't have to own
Go ,to where you always him...i'm sorry for wasting your time for so long

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