Monday, January 9, 2012

My sworn words for you to remember

I like you
I love you
I will only love you
I will never leave you
You are my everything

I miss you
I cried only for you
I only want to use my life to love you
I always love you,just stop showing it
I care about you
I'm always a paranoid when it comes about you

I always pray for us,it just didn't get answered
I always pray for you to come back to me,It didn't get answered too
I asked God to ease my pain,just let me die,it didn't get answered too
I asked God to made me stupid,to erase all my memories,It didn' get answered

But thank God...
He is answering me for praying to make you happy and suffer no more
I'm fine this way,as long as you're happy
I will try to be a mindless person not to think about you

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