Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Hurt Here

It hurts here, it keeps hurting
Medicine is not helping
If I hold that familiar hand,
I think it will be a little better

Why did you say that?
You used to say that you can't live without me
Don't you at least need to pretend to comfort me before you leave?

It hurts here, because of our ended love, love
These tears fall so my heart is bruised
It really hurts a lot even if I touch it a little
In my heart that is about to crumble,
There is a scar that is greater than a scar

You were so mean, so cold
You weren't the person I used to know
Did you dislike me a lot?
Then you should've given me a chance to fix myself

I love you, I love you
If you hear this proclamation
Even if it's once, even if it's just for once
Can you please hug me warmly?

Because of you, I shed tears
Because of the tears, my heart is bruised
It hurts here

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