Friday, March 9, 2012

My view

People asking me for a walk,
But they never knew why mostly i decline.
They had no idea,how large is my fear,
to saw you between the crowds with another man,
Why i never catch up,when they talk about beauty girls,
that just about passed us,
Is that i don't even dare to look on anyone because of you.

When i stayed alone,you keep spinning around my head,
Crippling all my sanity bit by bit.

It's a single woman like you,
Can create me a whirlpool,and never got out.
But when i think about it...maybe i was the one,
who hasn't give my love with all my might,
So i got this curse on me,to let me learn how painful it was for you,
All this time...

That day,
When you said you wanted a divorce,
You have no idea how many tears i dropped,
And how it feels to cry in reality while dreaming,
It's painful,so much,that no ones can wonder.

Maybe everyone is questioning,
How is that even possible,
Yes,it is possible,by a lot to me...
But i got the solution,taking sleeping pills so i won't have a dream.

I just...dig too deep...
I forgot to make stairs way up,
I got left in the hole i dug myself
And what's left in this empty hole,is just me and darkness void of world.

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