Monday, May 7, 2012


Before i met her...
I was just like what others did,
Hanging out with peoples i barely knew,
Spending all my money without counting,
Dating and fucking a woman 7 years older,
Pretty much a random life.

And she was just about like another girl i'm going to date and let go,
Until i saw what life really is in her.
I made a choice for myself,
I stop what others normally did,
I did what others didn't.

When my family disagree with my decisions,
I choose her and live a poor life.
After we're married, i knew she was in pain.
My family had no choice but to accept her,
I know what she felt.
Then the day she couldn't hold it anymore,
I choose to take the blame, made another moves to cover what really happened.

We decided to rent a house,with just enough money to afford, our lives become harder, but i saw smiles and happiness on her face.
I did what i had to, she did what she had to.
Until the moment i stepped on a stone,and fall.
I got up, but it's a domino's falling, and no one is there to help me getting it all up how it was again.

Everyone look down at me, but the only thing that makes me sad is,
She gave up on me while i'm still trying so hard put all the dominoes back how the way it was.
That was a year ago when i lost my life, my heart, my future, my point of living.
But i still got my responsibility to do, i could still live to see my son grow, accompany him, anything.
Until i knew a month ago she decided to take him away to place i couldn't see him anymore.

I never regret all this time for what i choose,what i did,and what is the outcome.
Some may understand what i wrote,some may not.
I'm tired of typing,i guess this is last verse of my life last chapter's.

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