Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday

Dear my love...Happy birthday...
I bought you a cake so you can celebrate with our son...
You didn't open the door for me...

For your happiness, I've been agreeing to divorce, to let you free from me.
I did what you told me to, not to bother you anymore.
But is it wrong to buy you cake when it is your birthday ?

On my birthday...I was celebrating with painkillers,
Waiting for you, to call, to text, to be online on messenger, or anything.
But you didn't show up, but it's fine,i made a wish,but that wish didn't come true.

It's not the cake that matter...I didn't need you to love me back,
I just wanted to care about you, to protect you, But why you hated me so much...

People told me, you had someone already.
I cried that day, but it didn't stop me from loving you still.
When i haven't met you,i was playing so many girls.
But the day you cried when i didn't care anything about you.
That day, i saw a girl...crying for really loved me.
And that day is the day, i swear to myself to stop my adults life.
And i promised myself to love you forever.

Even that i hated my own religion.
I'm a Christian, i  married only for once, love only for one.
I pray tonight, for your safety...for your happiness that you always wanted...
Happy Birthday , Christin Novia , The only person that i cared in this world.
I love you.

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