Sunday, February 19, 2012

When this time comes...

When remind of me...
I can tell you now...that i'm still the same person...
With passion to love,care,and a heart.
Only now i'm with morphines to ease my unease pain.

After all this time...I still believe in you.
That you will come back to me someday,
That you got the same love like me,

My friends,keep telling me not to dwell in the past.
What they do not know is the past is dwelling on me,
I want to see him grow,i want to take him to school,
I want to see him grounded in school for getting a fight,i want to see him walk on the aisle,
Just like i did,only that i failed to walk through everything else beside that.

When you remember me,even once after this...
I want you to know,i believe in you.
Even my hope is about to crumble,
And i'm sorry,i realized i'm the one who changed you into someone else.
I love you.

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